March 17, 2021


Here we are – one year later, and *knock on wood*, we can see the light at the end of this looooong tunnel we have been in.  We have masked up, we have sanitized, we have washed our hands till they are raw, we have stayed home, we have pivoted, and then pivoted again and again, we have mourned, and we have celebrated – all right along with you all year.  Alas, we really appreciate all of you – without your words of support, your financial support, and your love, we would not be here!

SO – it’s St. Patrick’s day, and although we cannot celebrate full force as we would like to, we are happy to be slinging some green beers and corned beef and cabbage for another year.

We are so Firkin grateful, and we see 2021 as the best year yet!

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